Education: A Golden Age

“The education sector’s structure and policies will change more in the next 3 years than they changed in the last 2,500 years”

Teaching elementary school mathematics: for specialists only

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Om krav om 90 matematikk-studiepoeng for enhver som skal undervise matematikk for trinnene 1.-4.


2008/06/7 - Posted by | Policy

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  1. (moved from other posting)

    What are your views on using Singapore? Is there any chance it could be adopted in the United States? I’d like to see the entire US educated in mathematics and prepared for engineering, not the top 5%.

    thanks for posting.

    Sincerely, Al

    – Our mathematics faculty and circle definitely has a favorable opinion of the Singapore curriculum (especially that pre ~2000), and has been quite involved in its adoption in several US locations. The challenge of using the Singapore curriculum – or any curriculum – is that most Western elementary school teachers don’t have the subject knowledge they should have.

    – Chance of adoption: that’s up to students. In 2007 and after curricula all over the world come into direct contact with each other like never before, with students in certain countries taught by teachers in others… the students will choose to follow those curricula which produce the best competence as measured by globally harmonized tests.

    – The entire population educated: certainly. Global Education is, on the mathematics side, serving the top 5% first since elevating the competence of that segment (by 2-3 “year equivalents” – see test results at “informs” the system/sector and therefore is the best way to elevate all students’ competence.

    Comment by Erik Syring | 2008/06/17 | Reply

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