Education: A Golden Age

“The education sector’s structure and policies will change more in the next 3 years than they changed in the last 2,500 years”

Arne Duncan Edutopia interview


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Arne Duncan at 2008/08/17 House hearing


– Against social promotion.
– Backed “back to basics” – but no mention of content rigor and depth.
– Supporter of charter schools (Renaissance 2010 – now 75 charter schools out of 625), sees himself as portfolio manager.
– Authorized site-wide Principal and teacher replacement where required.
– Extended school day and year.

– Promoted use of schools as greatly-extended-day resource centers.
– Increased Principal standards (specifics?).
– Applications per teacher position increased greatly during his tenure.
– 3-year teacher retention increased to 85% under his tenure.
– Supports hard goals, flexible processes.

– Recognizes that status quo public schooling perpetuates poverty.

– Literacy (and perhaps superficial arithmetic) over analytical training/actual mathematics?

– Performance pay – but apparently only in poorest schools and with union approval, not parent-choice driven.

– “Relative performance more important than absolute performance”??
– Vouchers??

Too much emphasis on plant relative to content – it comes through why he would sign the “Broader, Bolder” statement, in addition to the historic Education Equality manifesto.

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Arne Duncan – comments on nomination

Wall Street Journal

Paul Gigot, Jason Riley, Collin Levy, Dan Henninger

School funding as civil rights issue??  Chicago: several charter school campuses per charter, “cap” not increased.

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Arne Duncan nomination

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